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Not sure why I’m getting new followers on this website as my friend and I who used to write for this have since shelved the project. For now, it’s just a repository of all writing when I used to live in spiritual communities and do more meditation and read a lot more poetry. Given busy lifestyles and the proximal death of poetry, it’s hard to continue writing. For me, I think poetry takes a lot of silence and contemplation. It takes a state of mind that is slightly removed from the world enough to glimpse insights into how people are, how you see things yourself, what it feels like to walk, and other deeper aspects of life and death. Being in the world too much and the social pressures of work life don’t usually give enough space for poets. This is why I admire poets so much who dedicate their lives to the art of poetry in the midst of a bustling world.

Anyway, thanks to the new followers for even clicking on follow, but I think you’ll find most of my newest posts on the Oi Blog.



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Homonin Evolution

Criterion for understanding technology.

Something that is important to do today, to work on.

What is happening today on earth is a multi-racial and multi-cultural (fueled by economic success) response to Western post-colonial baggage. Some may call it a backlash. But the emergence of more than one dominant cultural machine (Lead by Chinese, Indians, Brazilians, etc.) will

There is a new earth that is emerging from an amalgam of knowledge.

I think it’s very important to calculate how much knowledge and “new ideas” we accumulate per decade. Or new content that we are producing. This content can actually be a guage for

This would help us understand the pace of human mind evolution.

The amount of data being processed (data = ideas) would indicate to us, how much thinking is going on.

Measure human content numbers against animal content.

The brain contains information. It gains information and loses information. Plants cannot do this. But our weakness is not being able to remember. We need to embed deep values into objects so that remembering is organic.

How is information relevant or beneficial to energy? How is energy a necessaity for information to exist? (firing neurons requires electricity)

How much information do humans process per day? And how is that number increasing per year?

What are the most important values that can be embedded in an object?

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Videogames are the future…

Are video games the future of human interaction with space and time?

Building detail and freedom into systems challenges the mind and encourages the interaction between neurons.

Can video games create a sense of freedom in its design?

Virtual reality can be educational. And help people develop their wisdom and knowledge faster.

How fast and deep do you integrate new systems of thought design?

What types of humans have died, their genetics thereby not entering our present humanity.

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Pop Enigma (continued…)

­Two years later Julon teleported the kendrals back to their planet. Upon immediate arrival on their planet, they transmitted their knowledge and proposal for their plan. Universe hopping was not an option for the amount of sentient beings in this universe. If they were to transport themselves via wormholes, via teleportation technology, cloning consciousness or whatever was possible, there just wouldn’t be enough energy to do all of that in the estimated time that the Pop Enigma were to come into contact with the first most vulnerable civilizations. It would take over a billion times the amount of energy present in their civilization.

The kendrals, the youngest civilization in this universe, proposed a plan to create another anomaly that would cancel out the effects of the Pop Enigma. Their logic being, if the Pop Enigma signified a breach in the principal laws of the universe, than it would be possible to sow back that tear. Of course, enigmas such as this perplexed Julon and Sa Krei Sha deeply; namely, because it also signified a rift in the entire multiversal matrix. Thereby calling into question their very efficacy as the oldest sentient beings in their known multiversal matrix (not that thoughts as benign nor superficial as these thoughts actually crossed their deeply ancient minds) mainly because the fact that the existence of anomalies like these could lead them to discover things much older than themselves, and whose existence might even be conducted by entities beyond consciousness.

In this case, Julon and Sa Krei Sha felt it was a harmless enough situation that they could experiment with the possibility of converging enigmas. Sa Krei Sha had a healthy amount of energetic data stored in her mind (and body) about various enigmas that had come into existence. Julon had the ability to teleport into these particular enigmas. Julon only thought it natural to let the kendrals take a look, and take samples, if you will.

On an isolated planet (5,000 times the size of the Sol, our sun) about 5 million light years away from the Pop Enigma (what appeared to them to look like a huge piece of charcoal, which was of course the extremely old decomposed body of an earth human who used to live in a suburb of Eastern Europe during the 25th century after Christ and whose nose was quite famous for being comically huge) the beings in this universe assembled representatives across their entire universe.

In what to us seems rather cruel or maybe wiccan, Sa Krei Sha started to disassemble each of their bodies and their consciousnesses into an odd multi-colored fireworks display at the center of a large “all-the-beings-of-the-universe” hand-holding séance circle. As all the colors and elements spun together into a single point in mid-air the silence in the cosmos was altogether eerie and binding. Sa Krei Sha’s arms sunk to her sides, spent. Just at that moment, looking up to the dark night sky (for there was no sun on this particular planet) a huge storm had started about on the planet. It was as if there was a huge dark cloud floating across the universe, emanating from the charcoal. At that moment Sa Krei Sha felt Julon’s arm on her shoulder, and they were immediately back at their island planet again.

Krei Sha upon teleportation had also felt, for the first time, a blankness of energy. Upon their instantaneous arrival on the planet Krei Sha felt as if coming out of a dream of no sensations into a world of only sensations. This new sense of everything was immediately turned towards the Pop Enigma from which they seemed to have escaped. The entire universe had its eyes (and their sensor tech, of course) on the Pop Enigma, and their amalgam of consciousness, life, energy and being which Krei Sha had assembled into a ball of multi-color spinning light seemed to be stretching out with tendrals of arms of light emanating in all directions and surrounding the cloud of dark gas.

It would be cheesy to say that it looked like a 3-dimensional cosmic yin-yang, or a black hole concept. What’s important is that these two entities, whatever color they may be, untethered and untied each other. It was as if two paintings of knots tied themselves into a real moebius. The result became something Krei Sha had never sensed before, and Julon had never seen before. The resulting pop sound reverberated through the entire multiversal matrix, and from the center of this multi-dimensional phenomena rippled a wave of energy that came flying out into all the universes. At this exact moment, Julon grabbed hold of the island planet. And jumped through the space-time continuum straight into the moebius.

(to be continued…)

Up next…The Story Of Julon

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The Pop Enigma (sci-fi draft)

The Pop Enigma
Every ten years every living thing this zany character comes into contact with mysteriously pops into nothing.

50 million earth years later. 20 million multiverses away. A new planet is being born. Supernatural beings on this planet are taking shape from the still baking lava that has just come into contact with a liquid that fell onto this planet only a million years ago. Over the course of ten earth days the liquid has metamorphosed, generating a conscious sentient asexual mass that starts replicating itself. Each time it replicates itself, it refines its biological structure and that of its copies. Within two years a large populace civilization has come into being on a planet the size of the largest star in our multiverse (6th quadrant, multiverse #1037). By the tenth year of this civilization they’ve already developed teleportation, relative immortality and multi-consciousness connectivity. 50 years later, they discover the pop enigma in a universe hidden deep in the 20th quadrant multiverse. Precisely 3 multiverses away.

Their population now numbered 50 billion beings. By their calculation the pop enigma had swallowed up over 15 million multiverses since it’s beginning on planet earth. What was once a human earth man that literally swallowed up living beings had now become a metaphorical black hole in the form of a large piece of coal. Now, rather then only popping living beings it had evolved into causing anything from matter to dark matter to anti matter to disappear. It would obliterate a universe every three years. It was estimated based on the coals current rate of growth that the black coal would eventually meet their multiverse within 200 years.

The kendral(s) (plurality merely a formality given their uniform consciousness) had found a new quest. How would they stop this enigma/threat to their newfound yet advanced existence?

The first tests began only days after the enigma was discovered. Test 1: teleportation of several individual kendrals within the vicinity of the enigma. This test proved fruitful only because the individuals that came into contact with the pop enigma were connected directly to the the consciousness of the entire kendral civilization. Though those individuals were sacrificed all now knew what the experience was like to be zapped by this pop enigma. Over the next few months thousands of tests were conducted. On the third day of the third month they encountered a federation of star fleets that were surveying the outer edge of a universe that was about to be obliterated. Kendrals’ size compared to these other beings was miniscule. It proved humorous at first when trying to make contact for the first time. Especially when most of these other beings resembled nothing like the kendrals who resembled to everyone else like bloated amoebas.

The federation ships held a psychic conference which lasted less than five seconds. Especially fast as kendrals shared their advanced communication technology.

Research was transferred and a trans-multiversal research institute was started. Using kendral tech all living beings in the multiversal matrix were made aware of the impending pop. Adversely giving birth to the theory of universal survivalism. Kendrals decided to start analyzing communication between the stars. Stars are large amalgamous living beings whose communication between universes is well-known. Communicating with them takes millions of years of research and recorded data. The reason being that their language is far slower and rhythmic. I.e. It takes two nearby stars two million years to complete the phrase. “hello, how are you? A nice day today isn’t it?” and another three million to reply with “quite nice here. But rather too cloudy for my taste.” of course, star talk would be more tasteful and certainly richer in content. Content that spans aeons.

Therefore. Information from all races concerning the fluctuations and communications between stars was CCed to the kendral civilization.

Upon analysis on the first day it was clear to them what the stars understood of the enigma. Of course since all beings could now xpmmunicate across the entire galaxy, the observation was almost like an eternal standstill. All eyes on kendral research on the kendral planet.

The stars had anticipated the coming of the pop enima long ago and coordinated across vast multiverses that they must create beings that would help eventually solve this multicosmic event. Stars, with their inladen wormholes and communication portals to nearby dimensions become the transmitters of the most ancient signals of each universes birth and death and neoghboring universes. Their light pulses are shared.

Cut to the heroes of this story. An old woman and a young man. One is a transmultiversal time traveller. The old lady is a master of energy. They are trillions of years old. They have seen space and time warp. The ends of planets, galaxies, universes, multiverses and multiversal networks. Possibly the oldest sentient beings in reality.

They are here merely to spectate. Of course, they will be deeply confounded by the kendral solution to the problem of the pop enigma. But this pair have seen stranger multiversal enigmas indeed. They both live on a planet the size of a small island. And for the sake of this plot they’re humanoid. Over the aeons of their existence they have both  developed senses that stretch out into the universe. They feel everything in all the possible fields of multiversal reality.

As they came here to spectate this certain pop enigma along their universe hopping trip. They were intrigued by the sentient beings in this particular multiverse quadrant. They had all successfully achieved one continuous consciousness across a whole quadrant. To be fair, this is the main reason why they came to this particular place. They sensed the oncoming of a multiverse that might actually be able to undo the effects of a universal enigma such as this.

The plot thickens.

Universe hopping was the first precautionary thing the kendrals suggested as a plan of action. The next option was to devise a way to neutralize the coal. Was there a substance or power in the multiverses that was capable of isolating the pop enigma?

This question was ever so subtle that it reached the ears of the two island planet folks. Immediately julon teleported to kendral planet and teleported the whole planets population into a reality that was almost completely created by julon. His universe bonsai. As the kendral planet was so small they fit floating and rotating at the top of julons finger tips. But all deeply connected to julons consciousness. Their conversation lasted two seconds. But the content was as follows.

“I’ve grown this universe for a trillion years. It has been my business to use this particular fabricated universe as a blueprint for my understanding of the multiplex universes.”

“what have you seen that has lead you to come here? ”

“my partner and I have roamed the I infini-plex for trillions of years. Your particular universe is peculiar to us in that you haveco e into contact with a rather weak anomaly.”


“yes. Your so-called pop enigma is weaker than ones we’ve seen before. Also, your universe has also achieved full complete multiversal psychic communication. That’s quite a feat. I haven’t seen anything like that in all my time travelling.”

“what is the best course of action?”

“look at this baby universe again. It’s cute and innocent. Galaxies thrive and pass away. Intelligences get splattered all over the individual cosmoses.”

They teleport back to the home of julon and sa krei sha.

“come look at this universe”

Over the next few days sa krei sha had magnetically shrunk the kendrals universal quadrant to the size of a small bead. And julon teleported them to the island. It took minutes before kendrals had fully understood the technology therein. Excited as they delved deep into data trillions of years old.

The kendrals eventually spent two years there. Replicating themselves to become smarter. More refined. Etc. The information opened up to them.

They found that the pop enigma is an example of when the law of the universe has been broken.

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facebook’s dead

Hi everyone, I’ve been having too much trouble with facebook, so I’ll just update you with how I’m doing through my blog, and if you want to contact me directly, please use my email. See you later!

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it’s true, you californians, asia IS holier than thou, so come on down.

i haven’t written on this blog in awhile. I figure that facebook is really the future of blogging, but you can’t really write a full “status update” on facebook, really. it’s really just pictures and snippets. Content is merely a symptom of facebook, rather than a goal or a result. So, at last, a new blog post makes its daring appearance.

I’ve been in Long Xuyen city, Vietnam country for about 2 years and 4 months now, and the story gets worse, I want to be here longer. I can’t put my finger on what made me fall in love with this place. Was it the innocent lazy nature of my students? The ongoing problem-solving related to all things termed improvement and development? The food that I get bored with every few weeks? The general hideaway from everything Californian and family? The escape from elections and the general doldrums of American politics? The all-night binge-drinking followed by incoherent singing followed by incoherent mornings followed by incoherent bureaucracy followed by a bombardment of incoherent Asian (with-a-Vietnamese-twist) hysteria? The appeal of a birth of cool in this country as opposed to the rebirth of post-post-modern hip in this American generation (which can only lead to the path of further boredom, or so i thought)? or maybe most of all…bragging rights?

What keeps me here is rather ineffable other than that it somehow will make a coherent appearance in my resume and shepherd me somehow to the next place. I’m sure everyone wonders what they would say to the self they were two years ago. I’d probably cuss myself out. “You fucking idiot, don’t fuck up! And fix your haircut! Why are you wearing a t-shirt? Are those flip-flops? Why haven’t you grown your mustache yet?” In two years from now, I’d probably say to the me that is now…”Why the fuck are you monologueing again? Don’t you have better things to do? You’re wearing a shirt with no tie? And why do you still have a mustache?”…Who knows?…Most of the time I’m not looking for much upward mobility or anything. Let alone peace of mind (which can be rather worrisome).

When it really comes down to it, I’d just as well clone myself, and have the guy do all the work. Make him get the Masters in Interaction Design for me, make him go out and meditate in the Nepali mountains for me, make him tell all the jokes at my stand-up comedy routine, and make him get all the praise for anything and everything that he might do. It’d be a load off my mind. I’d use the money that he embezzled to buy an island and watch his life from a satellite, and just feel oh-so-gleeful that I cooked up such a great scheme. . .  But maybe that’s actually how I feel sometimes, except when I have to put in the effort.

Most of the time, I think that’s what I’m training myself most in, here in Vietnam. Effort. California had this real easy comfortable life that I just couldn’t stand after awhile. I mean, really, if I got that free pass to an unmarked island off the coast of Indonesia with no tsunamis in sight, I’d probably end up immolating myself out of some kind of gripping realization with the grating nature of life without causality. I may be the laziest person I know, but god forbid me to be a mere stapler.

No, I actually have nothing against Californians, per se. It’s the gold that is in California that I’ve got some issue with. California’s gold is America’s hipster dream gone liberally righteous, and I think for me, back three years ago, that meant that the entity or philosophy that is California itself missed a projected humility that I needed to learn about humanity’s role in the god-forsaken Universe. I think now, I’m rather okay with thinking that the state of California is merely another means to an end. So it’s not cynicism I subscribe to as much as a practicality that it’s in detention.

Ironically…quarantined pragmatism is what both Buddhism and Vietnam have taught me about life thus far. Making efforts and trying to get results out of some kind of samsaric bureaucratic catch-22. And on top of that, freedom is rather elusive and mysterious, which is actually just fine with me.

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